Welcome to the Alondra Press website. We are purposely keeping our website simple, stark, and uncluttered, to make it easier for you to find and order the book you want. If you have trouble ordering a book, send us an email at and we will instruct you on how to complete your order. You do not need a Paypal account. Paypal will take your credit or debit card. 

A WORD TO THE WISE: We do have some sales through Amazon, but there appears to be a great reluctance amongst the reading public to purchase our books through this website, although most of our prices are lower here, in addition to free shipping. All books sold through Amazon actually represent a loss to the author and the publisher, because of the 55% commission taken by Amazon. Additionally, when a customer buys one of our books through Amazon, we have no idea who that purchaser was. Our website is totally secure. It is operated through PayPal, a highly prestigious and respected company, and no one else has access to or knowledge of your credit card number. 

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All of our titles are also available in Amazon's Kindle and in the Barnes & Noble Nook Reader, at bargain prices. We have also posted several titles that are not yet in print, such as Volume II of The Canyon Chronicles, by K.Gray Jones; Hollenbaugh's Where The Devil Danced, and The Roots and Origins of Fortune and Misfortune, by Armando Benitez.  See our Upcoming Titles page for other books that will be available soon.

We have recently printed a new paperback edition of Fate, Coincidence and the Outcome of Horse Races, by Armando Benitez. This 130 page book was first published by Hampton Roads in 1992, and it has enjoyed a steady readership ever since. Order it by sending a check or money order for $12.95, payable to Alondra Press to the following address: 

                    Alondra Press
                    4119 Wildacres Dr.
                    Houston, TX  77072

We will mail the book immediately once we receive the order. All our books can be purchased that way. Or, click on the Book Store link above on the left, and order it through PayPal. 


Our guidelines.
We do not have any specific guidelines in regard to the type of literature we are looking for. Our principal criterion is that the work be  well written, and targeted for thoughtful and reflective readers. Click on the Submissions link to the left of this page and read our guidelines before you submit your work. A small press such as ours does not have an efficient marketing organization. We will give an extra careful look at submissions that show that the author would be actively involved in the publicity and marketing of his or her work, and that he/she has read our guidelines.  

We have lately decided to come into line with other small presses, which means we are no longer responding to every submission and query. The chore has simply become too overwhelming, and often it is difficult to craft a response that is not offensive. That is to say, when a writer has taken great pains to compose a query letter and submitted a work worthy of consideration, it can be highly offensive to respond with a brief form letter. So, hereafter, if you do not receive a response within one week, you may consider that we are passing on your submission. We WILL RESPOND to writers who have first thought it worthwhile to buy one of our books THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.   


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